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Weight Management Specialist

Garcia Family Medicine - A Direct Primary Care Practice

Theresa C Garcia, MD, FAAFP

Family Medicine Physician & Obesity Medicine located in Eastern Jackson County, Blue Springs, MO

If you’re overweight, as nearly three-fourths of adults in the United States are, you can rely on Garcia Family Medicine - A Direct Primary Care Practice in Blue Springs, Missouri. Family medicine physician Theresa Garcia, MD, FAAFP, affectionately known by her patients as Dr. Tess, and her highly trained staff offer medical weight management to help you reach your ideal weight and maintain it for life. Call the office to schedule an appointment or book one online today.

Weight Management Q & A

What is weight management?

The average American diet is extremely unhealthy. Weight management at Garcia Family Medicine includes a weight-loss program that revolves around counseling, nutrition planning, and Lipo-B injections to enhance fat burning and increase your chance of weight loss success.

What are the benefits of healthy weight management?

Some of the many benefits associated with choosing medical weight loss with Garcia Family Medicine include:

  • More self-confidence
  • Lowered risk of chronic diseases
  • More energy
  • Medical supervision
  • A higher chance of success
  • Weight-loss injections
  • Fat loss
  • Health and nutrition education
  • A better quality of life

With medical weight loss, you receive guidance, and the motivational support needed to achieve your goal weight and maintain it long-term. Weight loss can reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

What happens during weight management appointments?

During weight loss visits with Garcia Family Medicine, your specialist weighs you, calculates your body mass index (BMI), and checks your blood pressure and other vital signs. They discuss your lifestyle, usual diet and exercise patterns, medical history, and ideal body weight.

Dr. Tess completes a physical examination and recommends you undergo blood tests to detect or rule out nutrient deficiencies, high cholesterol, diabetes, hormone imbalance, or other conditions requiring treatment.

She and her weight loss team offer nutrition education, meal planning, weight-loss injections, chronic disease management, and more to keep you as healthy as possible during your weight-loss journey. You can follow up with Dr. Tess weekly, monthly, or as needed so she can monitor your health and make changes to your weight-loss plan.

How much weight can I lose?

You can lose a significant amount of weight by choosing weight management with Garcia Family Medicine. Many patients lose 1-2 pounds per week or even up to 5 pounds weekly in some cases. Dr. Tess personalizes each weight-loss treatment to best match your needs. After you reach your goal weight, she and her team help you maintain it for a lifetime.

Don’t settle for being overweight or obese when healthy weight management is within reach. Call the Garcia Family Medicine practice to get started or schedule an appointment online today.