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Fat Shaming

Fat Shaming

What is “fat shaming”?  It’s the attitude that our society has towards overweight people, essentially believing that they are overweight because they chose to be -- because they ate too much and did not exercise enough -- and that, if only they had the willpower, they should be able to drop that fat in no time at all.  All you need to do is eat less and move more is the attitude of the dominant society.  And if you look into your soul honestly, you will be able to see how you engage in fat shaming yourself.  What’s sadder about it is that many overweight people have the same attitude towards themselves.  So, in addition to struggling to lose weight and failing, they also have feelings of guilt weighing them down more.

So, before I go on and discuss how far fat shaming extends in our culture, let me point out that the “eat less and move more” attitude is based on completely false assumptions.  To be even more forceful about it, let me say that it is based on an outright lie.  Obesity is not a choice.  To use the wording of the Obesity Medicine Association, “Obesity is defined as a chronic, progressive, relapsing, and treatable multi-factorial, neurobehavioral disease . . .”   To use my own wording, “Obesity is a disease and, like all diseases, must be treated by a physician.”

So how far has fat shaming spread in our country?  I can tell you that it has spread as far as the healthcare industry.  Many overweight patients avoid going to the doctor because the last time they did, whether it was for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or even just a preventive care exam, the physician said nothing about their associated health conditions but told them they were fat and had to lose weight for the physician to be able to do anything to help them.  Further, the physician offered no medical help to treat the overweight condition, did no nutritional counseling, and probably didn’t even set the patient up for a follow-up appointment.

It’s not just doctors who have an attitude towards overweight people.  A survey of nurses showed that 25% of them did not like working with overweight people, and more than 12% of them did not want to even touch an overweight person.  Medical offices and other healthcare facilities do not make any allowances for overweight patients.  Chairs are not big enough to sit in comfortably, restrooms are not big enough for an overweight person to have easy access to a toilet, and exam tables are not built to handle very overweight people and too high to climb on to safely even for the normal weight, elderly patients.

So, have you looked into your soul?  Normal weight or overweight, are you guilty of fat shaming?  If you are, it’s time to change your belief system.  Weight loss is not simple.  It is not easy.  Physiologically, our bodies strongly resist weight loss and weakly resist weight gain.

To learn more, you should look up my ebook, “Weight Loss in the 21st Century.”   I have lots to tell you.

Dr. Tess Dr. Tess Garcia Dr. Garcia and her team provide a level of personal care that maximizes patients’ health and well-being. We treat the whole patient: spirit, body, and soul.

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